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To reach your next milestone, word of your breakthroughs has to get out. We craft the narrative that journalists will buy into and earn exposure for your company.

Our PR Services

Getting the word out about your scientific breakthrough or healthcare innovation is paramount to success. Public relations offers the best opportunity to reach relevant audiences through earned media on publications they already trust. We’ll craft your company’s public image and paint a perception that keeps you moving forward.

PR Strategy

External communications lacking coordination come off as chaotic. To really maximize the impact of your story, we carefully craft a narrative, identify the publications and journalists that matter most to your audience, and formulate a plan to strategically tell your story.

Media Outreach

Backed by a cohesive PR strategy, we’ll build media lists and begin targeted outreach to earn placements, interviews, and other thought leadership opportunities for your company. Persistence and customizing the pitch for each outlet are how we make the difference in cutting through the noise.

Press Releases

It's an old joke to say "PR" stands for press release. That said, press releases remain a core piece of the PR toolkit. From attention-grabbing title to well-articulated boilerplate, our writing services ensure every milestone is announced superbly, communicating the critical facts in an impactful way.

Media Training

When the media calls we want you to be prepared to answer. Nothing quite compares to the pressure of being on camera with an experienced media professional asking you questions and in that moment, all our proactive training and coaching pays dividends.

Media Relations

PR isn’t a switch you can flip. Part of our business is being connected with the right journalists and being prepared to give them a sneak peek at your breaking news or exclusive access to the source. When we manage the relationships with journalists, you can focus on what you do best.


"In building the case for customers to adopt animal free cell culture media, we needed strategic marketing expertise with specific knowledge of the life science industry. TME was able to quickly assess our strategic positioning and determine how to insert their expertise to build strategies for customer awareness, product trial and adoption."

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Scott Deeter


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Let’s get your word out. Your bright ideas deserve the stage that will let them shine and we’re all about providing that platform.

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