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The brightest ideas and most powerful breakthroughs need a company to make it to market, and a company won’t get far without a compelling brand.

Our Branding Services

Defining your brand sets your company up for success and pays dividends every step of the way. We approach branding by uniting verbal and visual identities into a cohesive aesthetic that articulates your value.

Brand Messaging

You need to know who you are to effectively communicate it to somebody else. We create brand messaging platforms that accurately describe who you help and why your customers need you.

Visual Identity

After establishing a verbal identity, a compelling visual aesthetic is needed to illustrate who you are to the world. We design brand treatments and graphics that will visually communicate your story.

Brand Strategy

Whether a house of brands or a single logo encapsulates your entities, architecting brand hierarchy is key to clearly communicating with your audience and avoiding confusion. We’ll help you identify when a brand, sub brand, or trademark makes sense.

Creative Concepts

Landing on the “big idea” that cuts through the noise and engages your target audience is an iterative process. We pride ourselves on producing the concepts that guide us to the moment of serendipity when the right inspiration strikes.

Logo Design

Your logo is the most fundamental brand representation. The right design can live on for decades even as the brand’s aesthetics and business change. We create logos that illicit an emotional response and stand the test of time.


"The Market Element has been a valuable and trusted partner in helping us with various marketing initiatives, from content development, lead generation to market research. Their strategic input and creativity have really contributed to the overall growth of our business by providing unique and valuable customer engagements."

Jaime Claeys

Jaime Claeys


Need a Refresh or a
Formal Brand?

If it’s time for a fresh look and feel or to get serious about defining your brand, our experienced team is here to help you create a brand your customers will love.

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