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Get customized opportunities for improving your marketing.


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Do you know how well your marketing is performing?

Whether you've already thought of an answer or have no clue where to begin, we're here to help. To answer that question we've put together a broad assessment which evaluates critical digital marketing metrics. Using tools and professional know-how, we will provide you with a PDF report featuring a checklist of actionable improvements, strategic recommendations, and our observations from years of auditing digital marketing programs.

Your Comprehensive Report Will Include Feedback On:

  • Overall website design & performance
  • SEO assessment including on-page, off-page, and technical factors
  • Social Media followership and engagement
  • Paid advertising targeting and optimization opportunities
  • Landing page improvements and best practices
  • Content production and promotion efforts
  • Competitive intelligence - find out how to get the upper hand

If you're wondering where your marketing might be falling short, leave it to us to identify the gaps and provide practical recommendations for improvement.

Overall Website Analysis

Our expert team will perform an "artistic" analysis of your current website as well as a more technical, numbers and metrics performance analysis. Using both focused qualitative analysis and an independent website grading tool, we will produce a set of recommendations in a standard report format to help you improve the website you call home.

Here's what we look at in the website:

  • Page Performance (Speed, Mobile Friendliness)
  • Technical SEO (Security, Rendering, Redirects)
  • Branding & Design (UI/UX, Messaging, Style)
Overall Website Analysis.png

SEO Assessment

By its very meaning, Search Engine Optimization is no simple nor static discipline. Through our digital marketing audit we will evaluate your on-page and off-page SEO efforts and look for opportunities to grow the relevant organic traffic your website receives.

Using software and service know-how, we look at:

  • Backlink Profile (Domain Authority, Linking Domains, and Spam signals courtesy of Moz)
  • Top Ranking Keywords (Quality, Relevance, Branding, and Locality)
  • Internal Linking (Authority Flow, Inbound/Outbound link balance)
SEO Assessment.png

Social Media Report

Social Media is only growing in importance and it's more critical than ever to have a robust presence. Using a spreadsheet and tools such as Hootsuite, our final social media PDF report will provide you with practical recommendations for engaging with prospects and customers on social media.

Let's get social:

  • Followership (Who's Following Who?)
  • Interactions (Engagement Metrics & Benchmarking)
  • Post Quality (Imagery, URLs, Content Mix)
Social Media Report.png

PPC & Digital Advertising Scan

Paying-to-play guarantees your brand will get its moment in the sun, but a deft hand and clever mind are needed to keep costs low and results high. Whether you are running ads on AdWords, a PPC network, or paid social, our scan will provide tips for getting the most bang for your advertising buck.

Show me the (Ad) Money:

  • Keywords (Targeting, Long vs. Short Tail)
  • Ads (Engaging Copy, Attention-Grabbing Visuals)
  • Landing Pages (Aligment with Ads and User Expectations)
PPC & Digital Advertising Scan.png

Landing Page Review

Landing pages are arguably the most important pages on your website. Optimizations here turn anonymous visitors into precious leads for nurturing and handoff to sales. Our landing page review comprises of a grading software and qualitative analysis to ensure you aren't leaking conversions.

Capture ALL the Leads With:

  • Landing Page Checklist (Value Proposition, Imagery, Copy, CTA, & Thank You Process)
  • Form Analysis (Length, Questions, & Design)
  • Call-To-Action Review (Placement, Style, & Consistency)
Landing Page Review.png

Content Overview

The content you create must be compelling to convert visitors into leads. To analyze your content efforts our team will scour your website's information architecture and social media to find what's been working, and what hasn't. In the end you will know where to take your content next.

Here's How we Examine King Content:

  • Best Practices (Lifecycle Stages & Persona Marketing)
  • Topics (Relevance & Perceived Value)
  • Format (How's the UX, Written vs. Video, & Distribution)
Content Overview.png

Competitive Analysis

When it comes to competition, you must know your own and their strengths and weaknesses. In the competitive analysis we peek into your competitor's efforts to determine why they may be successful and what that may mean for growing your own success.

 To Gain the Upper Hand, we Will:

  • Comparative Metrics (Going Apples to Apples)
  • Competitive Content (Top Performers & Key Themes)
  • Top Keywords (Organic & Paid Keywords Sending Traffic)
Competitive Analysis.png

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